Frequently Asked Questions

Grimm Grounds Questions

1. What is Grimm Grounds?

  • Grimm Grounds is a linear custom horror maze designed to entertain and scare patrons.

2. Is Grimm Grounds scary?

  • Yes! The night time walkthrough is meant to terrorize and creates a truly uneasy atmosphere accompanied by jump scares.

3. What is the Day Time Walkthrough? 

  • The Grimm Grounds Day Time Walkthrough is an operational mode which allows parents to bring young children to walk through the maze without any scares during day light hours. 

4. Are pictures allowed to be taken in the maze?

  •  No pictures are allowed to be taken   within the maze. Pictures may be taken in the Queue line Of the attraction. 

5. Is there Parking?

  • There is parking at the Georgian Bay Recreational Park for this Event.

6. Are there washroom facilities?

  • Yes! There are public washroom facilities at the Park located within the main building next to the attraction. 

7. Is Grimm Grounds appropriate for all ages? 

  • This attraction does feature a little gore but focuses mainly on scary monsters. There are no sexual themes within the attraction therefore it is for all ages.