About Us

Grimm Grounds Maze

Grimm Grounds is a full blown linear large scale theatrical horror maze. 

The maze is designed to be truly unique and terrorize it's victims. 

The Experience

As you begin your decent into Grimm Grounds you are greeted by incredible heavy low frequency sound accompanied by horrific jump scare sound effects.

You begin walking into dimly lit 10 ft tall corridors entrenched in fog and terrifying monsters.

As you make your way deeper into the maze you begin to realize the nightmare creatures get bigger and more horrifying with scare actor's hiding in the most well hidden hiding spot's imaginable. 

Patron's Thoughts

Grimm Grounds has been praised for it's impressive medieval/french revolution demon theme and it's impressive effects, props and scare's. 

The maze has been dubbed by thousands as one of the best horror maze's they have ever experienced.