Patron’s are being mind blown every year by this impressive scare maze and Grimm Grounds is becoming one of the most adored Hallowe’en Attraction’s due to it’s uniqueness.

Grimm Grounds 2017 Attraction Info:

Day Time Family Walkthrough                               Night Time Scare Maze
For younger audiences without the scares,                         Includes live Scare-Actors, Theatrical   
FX and live actors. Includes family friendly sound.              Lighting/Fx, Incredible Terrifying Sound.

Admission Per Person:  $5.00                                             Admission Per Person: $7.00

Oct 27th  11am - 5pm                                                          Oct 27th  7pm - 10:30pm
Oct 28th  10am - 5pm                                                          Oct 28th  7pm - 10:45pm                                                
Oct 29th  10am - 5pm                                                          Oct 31th  7pm - 10:30pm                
Oct 30th  11am - 5pm                                                                              
Oct 31st  11am - 5pm

Warning: Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult for safety  
                Grimm Grounds is not intended for those who are prone to seizures, pregnant women
                or suffer from heart conditions.

New Horror’s For 2017